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As you know, BangtanTV dropped the dance practice version of 밥새/babsae. After watching it a few times I thought about this...
What is going on?! Why are they all pointing to Jungkook?! Why is he doing "the Phoenix" pose with an air kick?! Maybe it's just BTS being BTS...
Here's the video and I don't know what's going on at the beginning but I know Suga looses rock-paper-scissors. Maybe that's why he was doing the Hotline Bling dance.
Looking at this, there's a window-thingy on the door. And they are in their other practice room, not exactly old but not the new one. Since this song is about trying hard for something, why is the point of the dance them doing hip-thrusts? Like. No. Stop. Help. Why.
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They were doing Rock Paper Scissors to decide who does the dance solo, which Suga lost and he twerked.
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Lol I was just about to post the video too and I just saw it now on YouTube
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bhahahahahhahahaah this is TOO MUCH
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