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This entry for the Anime That Should Be Hyped collection is a personal all-time favorite of mine! You'll find out why as you keep reading

credit to artist for the image

The opening song is incredibly catchy. This isn't your everyday school romance. In fact, it's going to make fun of all those typical things you see in a school romance anime.

Our main character is the sweet Sakura who is in love with our main man Nozaki. Who's Nozaki you ask?

Why he's this aegyo master right here! He happens to be an excellent and well-known writer of a girls' romance manga!

You'd assume he'd be a big softie.

And you'd be wrong. He's very stoic and takes things quite seriously.

When he's stuck with writer's block, Sakura ends up being his helper in finding new romantic things to write about. He tries to avoid tropes. And to do that...

He ends up using very ridiculous alternatives to the typical solutions Like this and...


And even when he tries to be normal, it just never works out

So let's meet some of the friends!

Now here's Mikoshiba, the heart throb best friend.


Except he gets extremely embarrassed by the flirtatious, yet cheesy things he says

We have Seo, who's Sakura's best friend. She's basically the polar opposite of Sakura. She's also absolutely oblivious.

Then there's this pair. Their story is just too in-depth to describe. You'll have to watch the show to find out what the f**k is going on with them!

The things that occur in this show can be absolutely cringe-worthy, but they're always utterly hilarious! The characters are lovable and when you're dying for more, the manga is just as amazing!

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Seasons: 1

Dub Available: No

Manga: Yes

TV-Rating: TV-14

My Rating: 10/10! Yes, that's right, I said 10! I hyperventilated and laughed until I was in tears on many occasions watching this! Watch this and you will thank me, guaranteed.

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I LOVE this anime so much!!! So cute
I seen this and loved it!!!!!
Dude this is one of my favorites!!!
@MadAndrea im a sucker for romance.
@AshChrimson Yay ^_^ it's on Hulu if you have it. Otherwise Kissanime has it as well
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