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I haven't decided if Revelry is finished...I'm thinking maybe updates once a week, we will see what he says. But these yummies are starting to knock on the door... sigh. Thoughts? Any dragons in here ladies? Maybe Rain?!? Hmm... that is a thought.
Tagging my faithful Escapists ;)
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I would love all of these. And I think most of them are shifters, though not all of them dragons. Khunnie is a jungle cat (leopard or panther maybe?) to me. Though he could pull of anything I wanted him to be. Rain could totally be a dragon, as could T.O.P (and GD, of course). The twins, again, could be any shifter, but sexy twin dragons? I'd be okay with it... Suga might also be a cat, sleeps all day but ferocious when awake. With naturally sexy/graceful movements. And, though he's serious by nature, he doesn't take himself too seriously. (Sorry he's my main bias wrecker right now!)