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I thought it would be interesting to see what I got :/
Describes how I will die...
My love life...Aww, thats sad o(╥﹏╥)o and at one point true
Play at my wedding day. Ooh!! I like this^^ I'll be jam'n out (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ lol
ToDay my pants...well then :/
played at my funeral...alright we're celebrating the life I lived
Platonic Love...with a shovel and screwdriver
Describes my week...meh
My theme song, OMG! YES!!
Will play when I think of someone I love...Okay
Will play when I miss someone...I guess it depends one the person I'm thinking of
If you wish to be, or not, tagged in any further cards plz feel free to comment or PM me. Thank You^^
1) lee Jong Hyun- my love (I'll die loving this person to death...) 2)royal pirates- Drawing the line (in my love life I keep "drawing the line hahaha) 3)Monster X - Hero (at my wedding!! hell yesh!) 4)Got7 - I like you " in my pants" (makes sense lol) 5)Beast- 12:30 (damn) 6)Taemin- Drip drop "with a shovel and screwdriver" (wtf lol) 7)Winner - Baby Baby ( my week? ) 8)Got7 - Follow me (my theme!! "Follow me if you wanna good life"!) 9)CN Blue - Hey You(cool when I think of someone) 10)Vixx - Error (damn it's like I miss the love hate relationship..)
1. Zion.T~ Yong-hwa Bridge 2. Zion.T~ No Makeup 3. Dok2 (ft Zion.T)~ Still On My Way 4. Dok2 (ft Zion.T)~ On My Way " I'm on my way 'in my pants' " (Well that's just weird) 5. Crush~ Sofa 6. BigBang~ If You "With a Shovel and screwdriver" 7. BTS~ Butterfly (funny how #7 is BTS, a 7 member band) 8. Crush~ Give It To Me 9. Day6~ Colors 10. EXO~ Sing For You This was off of my sleep Playlist that I was currently listening to, might have a diff. result if I played all my music/maybe who knows
1. Wash Away- Geeks (am I gonna drown? No that's my worst fear!) 2. 200%- Akmu (cute!) 3. Forever Young- Got7 (nice wedding song!) 4. Runaway in my pants- GDragon (lol) 5. The Middle of Love & Life- Geeks (interesting funeral song) 6. Mine with a shovel and screwdriver -Got7 (crazy pants lol) 7. Falling in Love- 2ne1 (maybe with my pillow) 8. Out of My Mind- Day6 (seems appropriate for my theme song) 9. Niliria-GDragon (???) 10. Metronome- Jay Park (when I miss them in a sexual way)
1. Ma City by BTS (How I die. Hmm not so bad) 2. New World by B.A.P ( my love life, my lies and deception kinda sounds about right, sounds like my last relationship) 3.Fire by 2NE1 ( Played at my wedding!? That'll be an interesting choice!) 4. Royal Pirates - Drawing the line "In my pants" (Well that just sounds weird lol) 5.Hurricane by B.A.P ( Well I"m going out in style! Love this song) 6. B.A.P - Hajima "With a shovel and screwdriver" (Hmm no comments lol) 7. No Mercy by B.A.P ( Describes my week, yea it kinda does lol.) 8.We are Bulletproof by BTS (My theme song! I'll take it!) 9. Jump by Bts (When I think of someone i love. lol that's pretty upbeat song I got there) 10. You by Royal pirates (When I'm missing someone. Very appropriate ) I have alot of B.A.P and BTS on here I realize, lol and I was just telling myself earlier in the day it's like all I got on my phone I listen to nowadays that and Royal pirates
1. Ma City by BTS (How I will die,)