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For a better listening experience I suggest using headphones. (Side note: please pay attention to the English lyrics!)
After reading these lyrics and listening to these beautiful voices I was reduced to tears. ACTUAL TEARS. Not tears of sadness, no, tears of joy! I am so happy that our boys are doing well! And that they actually thank us and tell us that they love us! This is why I love Bts so much. Sure they can be funny and they are all hella good looking, but they reach out to us on a personal level. I will forever and always be a loyal fan to Bts. My love for them grows with each passing day.
Jimin properly portrays my reaction. (Pic #1) At first listen: how dare you drop this bomb on me (Pic #2) When I read the lyrics: you guysssss 鈽猴笍
@ashleyemmert Wow..yes I noticed it..amazing..it's beautiful..
@luna1171 Namjoon has such a beautiful singing voice 馃槏
WOW! their voices ..mind blowing..loved it!馃槏馃槏
OMG this is so beautiful. 馃槏馃槶
@KimJigum oh my God this is beautiful! sis you've got to see this!