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well this is a little late, but this is in response to @hikaym prompt a few days ago. Hi Nakama, my name is NinjaMouse. Unlike some of my other Nakama I will not be sharing my real name or pictures, strictly because of future employment. I have been here since around October of last year.
the reason behind my name is that I was trying to find a name that was unique and suited me. and one day while trying to avoid my grandmothers attention I silently ran past our kitchen, where she was, into the living room and back to my room without her noticing until she turned around and saw this thing disappear around the corner. evidently I scared her and she called me a little ninja mouse. so I thought hmm, that's perfect.
the first of my top three anime genres would be slice of life.
next is Horror. the gorier the better.
and last is Fantasy. I love anime's centered in alternate worlds.
an anime I think every one should watch would be zankyo no terror. This did not seem like your typical anime to me. I've written about this one before though so I'm not going to say much about it. if you want to know more you can check out my page.
and lastly tagging some friends. @LuffyNewman @ebethoven @BlackoutZJ @Invinsible @hikaym
my username is just how I feel about anime action, comedy, and harem are my favorite genres I don't have 3 friends
@animeismylife love the name bc my quote in life but the quote I always put at the end of every card is "Anime is Life!!" Exactly like that!! Anime Is Life!! Or more like this one I don't use quotations haha!! Awesome tho NAKAMA!! @animeismylife
and I think everyone should watch Tokyo ghoul cuz it's fu**ing awesome
Sweet idea for a card!! Esp ones who can relate to anime/manga in a way or another. My name is pretty obvious haha but I can't help having a sweet real life name tho!! Well atleast I think!!