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Two years ago I weighed in a almost 400lbs before I got into Kpop. I started working out with my two daughters and I lost so much weight
I owe alot to these two young ladies and to kpop for helping me become motivated enough to get healthier
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@mrsjeon hahahaha ta da
Great job!! It's not easy to do by far; keep your head and keep moving forward.
@blacksun191 thanks yea it wasn't but I'm trying to get to a size 12 and I'm just about there just hit a size 14 and I cried haha
That's awesome!!! I've been helping my sister, she's down from a size 20/22 to a 16.
@blacksun191 you're awesome!! I was a size 34 and now a 14. Keep it up I know she'll do great!! I'm cheering her on from here!!