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As the title clearly says its spoilers....temptation got the best of me and I looked at all the leaked videos but if you guys don't wanna ruin the surprise I recommend not looking at this...On the other hand SM is killing me!!! Its already worse that I live in a different time zone so I lose sleep waiting for 00:00 KST...now their releasing in God forsaken times!!! Good luck EXO-Ls we need it
Baek, Chan and Sehun updated their SNS with pictures of them having "healing time" The whole fandom is in ruins and EXO is just sitting back and sipping on their tea's....
This is totally me....I was scared to go to sleep yesterday cause I was scared I was gonna miss something important....*sigh* the struggle is real...
Is it bad that I want them to release teasers at the same time not wanting them to???? Aishh I'm losing it....see you on the other side EXO-Ls...
Please don't hate me but I hope they don't use the same song the dance is amazing but it feels like SM just bought the song. Don't get me wrong I love EXO I went and saw them in concert but I wish they make their own songs I wish all Kpop used their own music and not just buy songs all the time
SAME. I want to know what is going on but MY BODY ISNT READY
I will be so upset if the Teasers come out when I'm sleeping😤😬 and while the EXO -L are freaking out they are relaxing
this is such a torture