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This is a tough one... And get ready for a LOT of honorable mentions. XD Kurosaki Ichigo I'll go with as my number one crush since Bleach is what I am hooked on right now and Ichigo is just perfect. He's strong, brave, and his logic of thinking and just the person he is completely changes the Soul Society.
Ling Yao/ Greed
Killua Zoldyck
Armin Arlert
Death the Kid
Soul Evans
Nara Shikamaru
Uchiha Sasuke
Sanji Kun
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I only have 16 chapters left!! Then I'll have to wait week to week for the manga, ahh! Haha. And I'm already re watching the anime again too. 馃榿 @LuffyNewman
@UzumakiJess your bleach crazy!! I still love it but I can only do it as well as re binge naruto and Op every 4-6 months since mainly naruto and esp OP take a month lol. But def looking forward to the continuation of the bleach manga!!
Ahh I know! I just got caught up a couple days ago on the manga.. So upset I have to wait week to week now! But I'm used to it already with One Piece, Fairytail and several others! OP and Bleach's mangas are both super intense right now! Oh the struggle. Haha. @LuffyNewman
@UzumakiJess haha yeah I know that I've been doing it with a handful for a couple years now and it's just a way of life I know my anime and manga weekly releases more than my weekly school and other schedules in real life haha!!
I like Ichigo too. Ever since Naruto ended I've been more hooked into Bleach and Fairy Tail.