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I was surprised to see so many people commenting on my last card it's made me feel so loved! You guys are the best! <3 I am okay now I was just super stressed about a few things. But thanks to my wifeys @twistedPuppy and @IsoldaPazo I feel so much better I couldn't ask for better friends <3. And also to @BBxGD who helped me a lot <3 I am writing a new chapter for Just go tonight and it will be up tomorrow ( hopefully)
I love you guys so much thank you all for worrying about me and sending me such warm comments it really means a lot to me.
Ikon were spotted at a zoo in China while there for shooting Hero's of remix
I'm go glad to hear you're doing much better! You had us all worried. Like the others have said we're always here for you no matter what, whenever you need someone we'll be right here. 💖
💙💙 Girl... hahahah.. why im laughing ....hahahha. u know i got chu 😛😍😎
how cute lol the panda one being Bobby is funny
im so happy that your better
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