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ok guys I got this box yesterday and I'm super excited to reuse some of these products as well as try some new ones.
first things first... if you go to memebox best sellers this thing is like the holy grail... p.s. I believe they have a sale code that you can use on the mobile app every Monday.... I could not wait to try this out... I instantly wiped off most of my makeup and began to apply... this is supposed to replace harsh microbeads..... I can tell you it did more than any microbead scrub has done for me in years... even scrubs with charcoal can't live up to this... my dead skin melted away... it was amazing... today was the 2nd day I applied it... (only supposed to use it 2 to 3 times a week) so now I must take a sad break because some old dark spots from acne glided off.... in just two days.....
This face wash isn't the most popular but because I love their carbonated bubble mask I went for it... the first day was pretty underwhelming and I wondered if it had been worth it... but today was a new day and my face felt totally amazing after using it... in fact I had to peel my hands away to add my mediheal tea tree mask... I'll update you on how this product works on my hormonal acne... I was able to find a serum in the states that seems to have relieved my forehead issues but the hormonal acne around my chin hasn't really improved... granted if I left it alone once and a while it might...
Haha no problem.. I try to be open to ingredients unless I know they're too rough on my skin... most Korean products are made to be somewhat gentle so I trusted it
@MaighdlinS woah woah woah! I didn't expect spider essence! Okay, definitely searching this up before thinking about rubbing this on my face. I'm a little conscious about this lol. Thanks for letting me know though! Greatly appreciate it!
they do not. they list a few items on English on the box but not all... I sort of half assed a Google search for them yesterday... I think a few of the main ingredients are charcoal (or volcanic ash) because of its black color, some kind of spider essence.... (some youtube reviews mention this, I hate spiders so personally I'm ignoring it) and collagen
Yes, please let me know how the cleanser goes! Do they have the ingredients in English listed on the back?