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Deadman Wonderland

This anime was cool and was really going somewhere! I mean, there were conspiracies that weren't explained and character backgrounds that weren't revealed. It was clear that it was supposed to keep going, but was hastily wrapped up because it was not renewed. The manga is completed, but I believe it went further.

Honorable Mentions

If we're being honest, I wish pretty much any anime would have been continued, but here's the top handful! Most of these I think are examples where the manga kept going (however, I haven't gotten around to reading any of them yet), but I guess the anime didn't make it, sadly.

Akame Ga Kill!

This was one of my favorite anime series, and I wish there was more of it! Though, the way they ended it, it would be hard to continue... I know the manga is ongoing and went differently, so it's at or near the top of my to-read list!

Assassination Classroom

Another favorite! I know this one's still airing, but according to the opening sequence, this is it! Hopefully it gets a satisfying ending, but I'm gonna miss it anyway!

Blue Exorcist

I'm told that this one is one of those that diverged from the manga (which is still publishing, according to MAL), but even if it kept on it's own branch, I think that ending still had plenty of potential! Maybe one of these days it'll get a remake/revival like FMAB or Soul Eater...

The Devil is a Part-Timer

Okay, with this one, I just wanna see more demonic antics! This series was so funny and cute, but super short! Again, according to MAL, this one is still publishing.

Ouran High School Host Club

If you don't wish this anime had continued, you're either lying to yourself or you haven't seen it! I mean, I was pretty satisfied with the ending, but if they'd kept going, which I think they left potential for, I certainly wouldn't have complained!
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Until next time!
Assassination classroom is amazing, I really hope it continues. As for akame ga kill they need to remake it and have it follow the Manga. Ouran host you us one of those funny and kawaii anime that people need to see
Gosh.. If it actually follows the manga... I can die I happy woman 😍 @OtakuDemon10
@UzumakiJess yup! I think it's supposed to be a remake, like FMAB or Hellsing Ultimate that sticks with the manga
Deadman wonderland HAS to have another season with the way they ended it. I'm gonna read the manga though for sure and same thing with Akame Ga Kill!! The manga is completely different than the anime!!
@animerg13 😁glad you think so, too!
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