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Written By Erin Nicole. Starring: Y/N, Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, Kim SeokJin, Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung and Min Yoongi. (This Chapter is Very Long) Previous Chapters. 1. The Rumor. 2. Exposed Lies 3. Who are you? 4. Our Unknown Past 5. Yoongi's Sad Past 6. I'm a Monster 7. Negatives to Positives

Chapter 8 He's Not a Monster

Namjoon takes me back to their Hideout. And we all sit down and think of a plan to save Yoongi. "What are we going to do?" Asked JungKook. "You're Not doing anything!" Ordered Jin. "You're Way too young for this!" He said. "Wait. Yoongi is at level three, Right?" I asked. "Yes." Said Namjoon. "You said that there is no way to change back once you hit level three." "Well, there is one way." Said Jin. "But it's very difficult." He said. Dr. park had invented a Machine that with the touch of a button, it would reverse the affects." Jin explained. "Why didn't he ever use the machine?" I asked. "Well, he was going to but after his first experiment failed, the Government Removed his License and took the machine away. It's now locked up in a Building down town, and Honestly I don't know if it would work." Said Jin. "Why don't we try?" I asked. "The machine is Guarded day and night. I don't know how anyone would be able to sneak in." Jin Responded. "How about we disguise ourselves as one of them?" Suggested Taehyung. "No. That won't know, That could work." Said Jin. But where are we going to get the disguise?" He asked. "I've got an Idea." Interrupted Jungkook. "Jungkook, I don't want you getting involved in this. It's Too dangerous!" "I've got an idea. Let's go!" Said Jin. We all start to run out the door. And Namjoon stops me as all the other guys Run out the door. Namjoon puts his hand on my shoulder. "If this Works, we can both live a normal life...together." He says softly to me with a smile on his face. "Together?" I asked. "Yes. Together, Just you and me...I want to spend the Rest of my life with you." Said Namjoon with the biggest smile on his face. "Na...Namjoon...I...I don't know what to say." I said while speechless. "Please say something." He said while scared of what I was going to say. "I can't Live without you!" He said. "No Other Girl will do." He said while shaking. "Namjoon, I Love you very much." I said. "But I'm not ready for a Marriage Proposal." I said softly without trying to hurt him. "I see, well, after we turn back to normal, I'll take you home, and you'll never have to see me again." He said While Angry and Crying. Namjoon storms out. I start to chase after him as he walks toward his car. "NAMJOON, WAIT!!!" I screamed while Crying and running after him. All of the sudden Dr. park Grabs me from behind and Stabs me in the Stomach. As I start to fall to ground I remember everything. I remember my childhood, I remember us all at the lab, and I remember Namjoon, How he Sacrificed everything he had to save me from dr. park. Everything moves in slow motion and I can hear My heart Pounding through my chest. Namjoon Turns Around "Y/N, NO!!!!!" I hear Namjoon scream in Slow motion as I pass out on the Ground. Namjoon thinks I'm Dead. "YOU!!!" He screamed while pointing at Dr. Park. "YOU HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING FROM ME!!!" He screamed. He starts to Transform. His eyes Turn Bright Yellow, he Grows twice his Size, he Grows Fangs, Claws, and Big Black Wings. Namjoon had hit level 3. Namjoon picks up Dr. park and Throws him again the Brick wall of the building. He was terrified as Namjoon approaches and as he Towers over him. Namjoon Grabs Him. "You're Going to suffer just like I did." He said in a deep Growling voice. He picks him up and flies away with him. When I wake up, Namjoon and Dr. park are No longer in sight. I felt really strange though. My eyes started to burn, and it felt like someone had punched me in the mouth. "What is happening?" I asked myself. I bandage my Wound to stop the bleeding and I go to look for Namjoon. As I run through the city. People are pointing at me. I instantly had a flashback of school. When people would point at me while walking down the hall, and they would start laughing at me. Only this time, they were terrified of me. "She's One of Them!" Shouted one Woman. "What are you talking about?" I asked curiously. I Pull my phone out of my pocket and turn the camera on. My Eyes are glowing bright Blue and I now have Fangs. "People, Please don't be afraid!" I shouted so they would hear me. "We're Not Monsters!" I continued. "WHAT IS THAT!!!" A woman screamed while pointing up in the sky. All of the sudden I look up and Namjoon is Flying over the town while holding Dr. Park who had been beaten up and covered in blood in his arms. He lands in the Middle of the street. I didn't know how he had transformed to Level 3. "That Monster Has got that Poor Man!" A woman screamed. "HE'S NOT A MONSTER!!!" I responded to her. Namjoon Throws Dr. park against a Glass building. "HE JUST KILLED HIM!!!" The woman screamed. Meanwhile, the guys were at the building arguing about the plan to get inside the building to get to the machine. While they were arguing with each other, Jungkook sneaks out of the van. He sneaks up from behind one of the guards and Knocks him out. He drags the guard behind the building behind a bush, and steals his uniform. Meanwhile, back in town, I tried to get Namjoon's Attention. "NAMJOON, IT'S FINALLY OVER!" I shouted while trying to bring him back to normal. Namjoon looks down at me with his Glowing eyes. "Over? YOU THINK THIS IS OVER!? Asked Namjoon in a Angry Growling Voice. "STOP IT!!!" Namjoon shouted to himself. "You don't have any control anymore." He said back to himself in a Growling Voice. "DON'T YOU DARE HURT HER!!!" He commanded himself. At that point I had realized that Namjoon was still in there somewhere, and I had to figure out how to get him back. Meanwhile, Jungkook walks towards the entrance of the building. "Ayo, what's up?" He said to one of the guards while trying to blend in. He walks inside the building and looks for the machine. It took him a little while to find the machine, but then he finally found it. "YESSS!" He shouts with joy. He turns it on. "Loading at 0% percent." It said on the screen. "Aw, Man!" He said while frustrated. The guys are still arguing in the van while Jungkook is inside the building. "Hey Guys, Where's Jungkook?" Asked Jimin. "He was just here." Said Hoseok. "HE GOT AWAY!?" Asked Jin while in a panic. "Now loading at 90%" said the Machine. Meanwhile back at the town, police officers where there getting ready to shoot Namjoon. "Please Don't Shoot him!" I begged as I stood in front of their guns pointed at him. "Move out of the way!" Ordered a police officer. One police officer grabs his gun and Shoots Namjoon in the chest, and he collapses "NO!!!!!!!" I screamed as everyone in the town is cheering. I Run to him. Meanwhile, a guard catches Jungkook. "How did you get in here?" Asked the guard as he grabs Jungkook and Starts to drag him out of the room. "Now loading at 99%" said the machine. Back at the town I'm on my knees crying my eyes out. "NamJoon, I'm SO Sorry!!!" I cried. "Completed." The machine said. I grabbed Namjoon's face and kissed him. He looks at me, and his eyes roll back into his head. "NAMJOON, PLEASE WAKE UP!!!" I screamed while crying my eyes out. "The Monster is Dead!" Announced One of the police officers. The crowd cheers. " Namjoon, I love you!" I cry as I kiss him. Then all of the sudden, he starts transforming back to his normal form. "What's happening?" I asked myself. He looks like Namjoon again he's at his Normal size and Normal form. But he was still dead. Then all of the sudden, Namjoon slowly starts to open his eyes and they are their Natural Color. He looks over at me. "What are you crying about, baby?" He asked sweetly. "NAMJOON!!!" I screamed with joy as I throw myself into his arms. "But they shot you. What happened?" I asked. Namjoon reaches into his t-shirt and grabs a Chain he had around his neck. The Chain had a Bullet hole in it. "Y/N, They've Got No Aim." He said while giggling. Meanwhile Jungkook was thrown out of the building and he returns to the van. The guys surround him. JUNGKOOK!!! Where have you Been!!!" Asked Jin while worried. "It's Done." Jungkook said Calmly. "WHAT DID YOU...Wait...What? Asked Jin. "I said its done." Jungkook repeated. The other guys look at each other in shock. "Does...This mean...we can Just go home?" Asked Hoseok while in shock. "...I...guess it does." Said Jin in shock. "You did it, Jungkookie!" Shouted Jimin with joy. "We can come out of Hiding now." Said Taehyung. Meanwhile at the lab Yoongi is back to normal. In his cage. "Hey, what am I doing here?" A guard walks up. "How did you get in here?" Asked the guard. "Hello, You idiots Put me in here!" Snapped Yoongi. "I'm so Sorry about that." Says the guard as he unlocks he cage. "You're Lucky I Don't Sue you!!!" Shouted Yoongi as he points his finger in the guard's face. Yoongi walks out. Meanwhile injured Dr. park starts to stand up. The police arrested him. "You're Under arrest for experimenting on Children!" Said the police officer as he put cuffs on him. We were all reunited that day. And we all stayed best Friends. Me and Namjoon still dated. And we all finally lived a Normal life from then on. A year later, I look down at my Beautiful white dress. Standing in front of Namjoon. He was wearing a tuxedo. "You look beautiful. Whispered Namjoon. "I Now pronounce you Husband and wife." Said the priest. "You may kiss the bride." He continued. Namjoon Grabs me and Kisses me. We had a horrible childhood. One we Can't look back on, but We don't look at the bad things that came out of it. We look upon the good things. If it didn't happen, me and Namjoon never would have been together, and being with him is the greatest gift I could ever receive. None of us have to hide from the world anymore. We can live life freely like any Normal Human. This is a Story of A Man who was Accused of being a Monster, but was actually a hero. That Man's Name is Kim Namjoon, and he's been my Guardian Angel.
Well, that's the End of this Fanfic. I hope you enjoyed, and Thank you all so Much for reading it. I'm working on writing another one soon. Thank you all!!! And I love you guys! πŸ€— πŸ’–@Sammie99522 @CrookedShadow @AbbyRamey @KarenGuerra93 @tiffany1922 @Mrsjeon @ShellyFuentes70 @Saeda1320 @BrookeBitzan @MariaMontoya1 @ammagrande @RKA916 @MissT615 @Michelle305
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@Aliahwhbmida here's the final Chapter. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed. πŸ€—πŸ’—
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