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I think people hate on Sakura more than necessary because she can be rude to Naruto. That and she doesn't have much of a chest. Like Sasuke has done 50x more crap to Naruto than she's ever done to him and yet people love him just cuz he's strong and goodlooking. I think sakuras growth is kind of like Narutos. She started off really at nowhere and then over time (taking longer than the others) she grew to be a very strong respectable character. She's still an airhead sometimes, but not everybody's perfect. I strongly disagree when people say she's usless because she doesnt have a special justsu. Last I checked medical ninjutsu is a "jutsu". Plus she packs an awesome punch. Also if you've read her story then you see how she reflects back on how she acted. It took her awhile but she got her act together.
ohh and to be honest I hated sakura since the first time she rejected naruto and the first to call him a loser always sasuke this sasuke that sasuke sasuke sasuke !! geez calm your tits down B...
I agree with @Fromtheheart
@Fromtheheart dude, I made a whole card on how I thought Sakura was a badass bitch so calm the hell down I agree but seriously...
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