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(A/N: Hey everyone! Sorry that I haven't updated this story at a constant pace. I'm currently a little busy with school and exams. I got home from taking my math exam today, and let me just say...my brain is mush. BUT DESPITE THAT, I've been working on this chapter and I thought I shouldn't keep y'all waiting >.<

ENJOY <3 (P.S. Thank you all for the 1K+ reads on both chapters 1 and 2! I didn't think many people would want to read this, it really makes me happy to see people like it. I love you guys!)

Disclaimer: There may be some mature themes throughout the chapter, please read at your own risk. Thank you~
Bright light hit my eyes, an annoying glare that wouldn't go away. I rubbed my eyes, feeling groggy and tired.
I got out of bed to head towards the bathroom.
And by get out, I mean roll out of bed, because the bed was comfy and I didn't want to get up.
I walked into the bathroom and splashed water on my face in an attempt to wake myself up. Looking into the mirror, I grimaced at my massive bed head.
That was a really weird dream I had, I thought as I grabbed my toothbrush from the mirror cabinet and proceeded to brushing my teeth. So surreal too, as if Jimin was real. Probably the best dream I've had in awhile.
As I was brushing my teeth my phone vibrated. A new message notification. Confused, I opened it to see who it was.
Message from Jimin: "Hey, morning y/n!"
I choked, toothbrush falling into the sink. I quickly rinsed my mouth and hurriedly looked at my phone again to make sure I wasn't seeing things.
Holy... it wasn't a dream, I thought in disbelief.
In the course of a day I had managed to get a failing test grade, a burned hand by my dad's crazy girlfriend, and after all that crap, I ended up meeting Jimin.
I replied to his text after rinsing off my toothbrush and putting it away.
Y/N: Good morning! :)
Jimin: Is your hand feeling better?
Y/N: Yeah, it doesn't hurt anymore.
Jimin: That's great! I was wondering since it's Saturday, if you wanted to hangout? That is, if you don't have any plans.
My mind started racing at the thought of hanging out with him. Well I didn't have much to do and my mom would be working, so I would be left alone. I texted Jimin back, unsure of whether to say yes or not.
Y/N: I'm free today, what do you have in mind?
Jimin: We could go to the park, I'll bring something for brunch and we can just chill.
Y/N: Sure, that sounds nice, I'll try to bring something too, and a blanket to rest on.
Jimin: Then it’s settled then. Meet at the park in 1 hour?
Y/N: Okay, see ya!
I smiled to myself. That is; until I realized I had one hour to get ready, make something to bring, and get to the park. I stared at my bed hair in the reflection of the mirror, and instantly I was on the hustle to get everything done.
After an hour I had successfully tamed my unruly hair, and had gotten ready. In my rush of thinking about what to bring, I just packed cubed fruits and strawberries in a container, while in another smaller container, I put some nutella.
What can I say, I’m a nutella kind of girl.
I was currently on my way to the park, walking with the bag of containers and a blanket in hand. I checked the time on my phone, as I was only a few minutes away from the park.
For some reason, the mere thought got my heart racing and had me a little out of breathe. I was obviously overreacting, we are just hanging out, that’s all. I just met Jimin yesterday, I’m getting way ahead of myself.
I approached the entrance of the park. It wasn’t that early, there were some people taking walks while some parents were playing with their kids. My eyes roamed around the park grounds until they landed on a pair of eyes staring back at me. Jimin.
I smiled and walked over to him. I tried to keep calm, meanwhile on the inside I was having a full on heart attack.
He was casually leaning on the bark of a tree, some bags in hand. No longer in his work attire, he was wearing a red-wine colored v-neck and dark wash jeans. Along with that, he also wore a dark grey hoodie and a pair of black vans.
“Hey y/n! I brought bagels and orange juice.” He said with a goofy smile as he held up two orange juice boxes and a brown paper bag.
I grinned, “I brought some fruit and nutella.”
His eyes lit up at the mention of nutella and I laughed at the sight. He looked like a child who was just told he was going to Disneyland.
We walked a distance from the playground with swing sets and slides to an open grassy area near a walking trail. He took the blanket from my arms and laid it down on the grass. We sat down on the blanket and I began to take out containers and such from the bags.
He quickly picked up a strawberry and dipped it into the nutella. His eye smile and grin were so contagious, I couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he looked. I grabbed a juice box and began to sip on it, munching on a bagel in the process. We ate our little brunch in peace, with the beautiful weather and light wind blowing.
I laid back and admired the sky, with it’s pretty blue hues and puffy white clouds. Until I felt a poke at my side. I flinched slightly at the contact and looked over to see Jimin looking at the sky as well. I dismissed it as nothing and went back to looking up. And then again, I felt another poke at my side.
At this point I knew Jimin was doing it, but he still played innocent, looking with fake interest at the clouds above.
“Would you stop that?” I said pointedly, giggling.
“Stop what?” he asked innocently.
“Stop poking me, silly. I saw you from the corner of my eye.”
“Oh, did you?”
He pokes me again, and I couldn’t contain my laugh. Damn it.
He noticed and began poking my stomach, until it was full out tickling. I tried really hard to contain my laughter, but he wouldn’t stop. I insistently tried pushing his hands away, but to no avail. He was laughing, as was I, grasping my sides. I mentally cursed myself for being so ticklish.
It wasn’t until he stopped tickling me and I stopped laughing that I noticed our position. He was full on straddling me and I hadn’t even noticed. It seemed that he didn’t either because he quickly got off me. I knew I was blushing because I felt the heat rushing through my face. I sat up quickly, trying to regain my composure. I looked at him, and to my surprise, he cheeks were a slightly shade of red.
We were both looking at each other, until we heard someone clear their throat. I looked up to see a girl about my age looking at us, or rather glaring at me. I could feel Jimin tense up next to me, meanwhile this girl stood, looking down at us.
“Jimin?” she asked.
OOOHHHH CLIFFHANGER! :D Hope you liked it, sorry if it's a bit rushed, like I said I'm currently taking exams, so I don't have much time on my hands.
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