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After reading @caricakes' card about her 3 love traits, I decided to make one too!

Here are 3 facts about me when it comes to love.

1. I'm the queen of the 3 second romance.

On a train, in a cafe, on the street - I can see someone, fall in love, and imagine our future together in about 3 seconds flat haha! I don't know why, maybe because I love to people watch, but I always used to do this on the subway to work XD

2. I don't like when the guy pays all the time

My boyfriend (and friends!!) and I are really good about picking up every other bill. He'll pay for dinner, I'll pay for coffee or the movie tickets. I don't necessarily like splitting the bill but I like trying to make it as even as possible :)

3. The more I like you, the more I tease you

I'm the evil friend who likes to tease people as much as possible to show them I love them. Luckily, my friends and boyfriend have the sense of humor that allows them to take the joke. Plus, they all tease me back too!

What are 3 love/friendship facts about you?!

I don't say "I love you" casually. If I say it, I mean it and I've examined my feelings long and hard to figure out if it's truly how I feel. I like little thoughtful things more than grandiose displays of love. I don't like being shown off to friends, but I don't mind just hanging out and BSing.
I'm a hopeless romantic and basically live in a British love world. I don't care for looks, I just want someone with the same fandom as me 馃槈 I love to coddle people so you'll never lift a finger.
1. One of my favorite parts of being in a relationship is holding hands. Haha =p 2. Teasing and pranking and debating are the best things ever. 3. I imagine myself in a long term relationship with every viable female I have in my life. Like, I'll spend hours or days taking what I know about you and calculating our survivability and compatibility and where we would and wouldn't work out, why we would break up, what would happen in our breakup, how I would ask you out, how I would propose to you, what our kids would look like, what their names would be, wedding, birthday parties, where we would move, vacation, how the "bedroom adventures" would be, etc. It's really fun haha /.<
I like all your 3 facts!! Mine would be, 1. I love to play fight with my Fiance, I don't know why but to me its kinda like we are flirting with each lol. 2. Is definitely like the one in your card, my Friends/Fiance are really good about paying when we go out somewhere. 3. I don't like being kissed on the lips all the time. I know its weird but if your going to kiss me on the lips do it right or not at all lol.
@BeannachtOraibh little thoughtful things are my favorite too :)
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