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안녕하세요!! Hello Hello!! KPopBeat here with a special treat... A group that is close to my heart... History. I love this group.. and it helps that Kyungil is one of my UBs. This five member group stole my heart back in 2013 when they debuted as LOEN Entertainment's first boy group.
Though they are more of an underrated group, they gained a lot of attention with their last comeback Queen. Personally I might love this first song the most but their debut song Dreamer is hauntingly amazing and was a great debut track to kidnap my heart with.
Well before I introduce the boys let's go ahead and introduce the first song. Might Just Die......... *Bet you can guess why it is my favorite MV.....*
Choco abs.... amazing dancing... and a great song... Yup! I'm in! lol Well I have mentioned the totally gorgeous Kyungil already but let's take a look at him along with the other members.
(Introductions in order of Photos)
Birth Name: Song Kyung Il
Name: Kyungil
Birthday: November 28, 1987
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper
Height: 183 cm/6'0"
Blood Type: A
Birth Name: Na Do Kyun
Name: Dokyun
Birthday: February 1, 1991
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 184 cm/6'0"
Blood Type: O
Birth Name: Kim Si Hyoung
Name: Sihyoung
Birthday: May 15, 1992
Position: Rapper
Height: 182 cm/5'11"
Blood Type: A
Stage Name: Kim Jae Ho
Name: Jaeho
Birthday: September 17, 1992
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Height: 174 cm/5'8"
Blood Type: B
Birth Name: Jang Yi Jeong
Name: Yijeong
Birthday: September 10, 1993
Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae
Height: 173 cm/5'8"
Blood Type: A
What Am I To You and Dreamer.... I love those songs a lot.
I hope you enjoyed these songs and this fantastic group. What did you think? Which song did you like most? The slower 'Dreamer' the newest 'Queen' the original and refreshing 'Who Am I To You' or one of the others? Let me know people....
BUT........ before I say goodbye for this little segment... I of course have to flaunt my precious Kyungil a bit more..... So handsome..... *sigh*....
*cough cough* well back to the task at hand! Hope you all enjoyed!
Until Next Time Loverlys!!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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I love them! Sihyoung is my bias
jaeho is my bias since I saw I might just die mv and dance practice
@StefaniTre OMG he is my bias too!