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Do you remember the life you wanted to live when you were still in elementary school?

Are you living that life? What would 8-year-old you love or hate about the life you're living right now?

When I was that age, I wanted to become President of the United States - but only if becoming POTUS meant that I could ride around in a limo all day, eating pizza on the way to Ace of Base concerts. Maybe I'm not living that life, but I'm certainly not mad at what my childhood idea of presidency was!
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@YumiMiyazaki I just got married at the age of 26 plus you look better than me lol just wait you'll have 80 kids before 30
@danidee Are u really? I feel better now 馃槉
@HandsomeBacon Lol that's what my mom says too馃槃 And also, because twins runs high in my family, I'll definitely have one or two pairs.
lol yayyyy you'll be our little panda farmer
a smoke jumper is a person who skydives into a forest fire. they are a form of fire fighter for forests.