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Ever since they crossed dress at the Seoul concert and JB was unable to be there I always wonder what he would look like in that costume ....
Seriously day and night... I even did this to set my mind at ease but it didnt work.... that is in till today at I was on Instagram and saw that JB finally fulfilled my dream of him cross dressing lol
why does JB even make a better girl then me???
I think JB would be a sassy girl lol like bitch better not mess with him or else...
I guess JB is my wife now lol #WaifuWednesday
And the fanart!!!! Oh lord!!!
JB Im going to have to ask you to stop been so perfect!!!! JB been cute and sassy right HERE Dancing to girl song HERE
Then 2Jae slaying me like no tomorrow???? HERE for short preview HERE JB slaying then Youngjae agggh HERE 2Jae is what I live for their vocals are life! When I find a full video i will definitely post it!!!!
My life is now 95% complete and it will be complete the day I see GOT7 in concert this July!!!! I cant wait! Happy Baebum Wednesday everyone!!!! @luna1171
@luna1171 Yasss my baby back to slaying on the stage!!! ❀❀❀
JB does make a pretty girl.
@SimplyAwkward yes he is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
Is he dancing to dumb dumb by red velvet?
me too .. I wanted to see him too and I also wanted to see him dressed in RED..😍 omg they finally got to sing it together.. the first time YoungJae was crying..cause he want there..
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