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asdfghjkljtefhjuesvkjesjj i just dont know what to say im soooo not ready for their comeback i mean i am but ugh! you get it right?! ugh EXO im waiting but please dont kill me!~
@taetaebaozi I absolutely get it. I am SCARED of this comeback. Lol馃檧馃檲馃檴馃拃
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@Tigerlily84 RIGHT! i mean LOOK AT THEM!! freaking suho! baekhyun with FRECKLES!!! and FREAKING XIUMIN!!!!! ugh
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@taetaebaozi I really miss SQUISHYSOO. This new Kyungsoo is troubling to my brain. But I won't get into that. I have issues. Even Kai looks hot and he isn't my style.
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@Tigerlily84 RIGHT! i mean i love all of EXO but ugh this is killing me all over again
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