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I think that gets down to the "core crust" right there... It's not taboo as much as the logic inherently flies in the face of the "ultra-loyalism" certain groups *sneeze-cough-"military"* want to enculture, so they encourage the regimental model... (for instance, view a bunch of soldiers getting shipped off to war - in one corner you've got "Mr. Monogomy"; perfect for the posters and war drama movies... In the other, the poly soldier with more mates and offspring can't *even* begin to fit in the frame to begin with... Secondly, dramas involving Mr. Monogamy tend to be easier to understand for an audience instead of the rich and dynamic "internal/external" dual culture attended by most poly families... (sorry for rambling... lol)
plus like. polyamory yo. just depends on who you are. polyamorous relationships can be very healthy and much less territorial than monogamous ones. the only reason it's not more common is because in the past century, western culture has dubbed it as taboo
Well, the drawback is that philosophies and beliefs are static, relationships are not. Relationships are dynamic and ever changing. While my heart agrees with your sentiment 100%, how does one love and cherish someone who either doesn't (or can't) love you back? The greater (spiritual) love is *always* there, connecting all things... It only gets complicated when you confuse the greater love with "the lesser loves" (romantic, debased, or narcissistic) and how individuals views on those four differ is where all the "craziness" happens... (then it gets into the mirrored beliefs and reactions to both self and others' perspectives of those same factors). It's up to us to try to define ourselves in the middle of it all.