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What's the fastest car in a straight line? Is it a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Porsche, Lotus or maybe even the Nissan GT-R. Find out here in this 12 supercar showdown. Takashi02
Whats the price difference between those 2 super cars and the GT-R though haha
Seriously, if we were betting, I would have won someone's money!!! I was rooting for the Lamborghini XD
@JohnLee I think the price difference between the GT-R and the Lambo and the McLaren are about $300,000 USD Lol. @cheerfulcallie I love the Gt-R but I would have put my money on the lambo too lol
hope next time they have the bugatti too
Where's the BMW? the one I have is fast ha.. I could at least have competed w the suburu ha..