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We've all heard the sub unit rumors, yes?

Some people are rooting for YoonMin to happen but we'll see~

Here are some fan accounts for you dear YoonMin shippers! ^^ ♡


I know some fan accounts could be fake/wrong but let's assume this 1st one is true ^^

Jokes! Don't hunt me down please ( ;^v^)

"Jimin is an idiot" if I wrote it right • Jimin retaliates in the 2nd pic xD " Suga idiot" (?)

The difference between Yoongi & Jimin

In case you haven't seen the card by @kpopandkimchi

The similarity between Yoongi & Jimin

• I sleep like you guys, too :D • I wonder what he wrote for J-hope??? • Jungkook's xD

Kyeopta!! ><

A song for Jimin!? YoonMin IS real :o

Ahhh, gotta love BTS and those kind fans for translating and meeting them for us :,)

As always, more to come! ^^


Awe this was cute!
I will go down with this ship
@SimplyAwkward same here. I swear Yoonmin if the realest ship!!!
Yoomin is the best!!!✨💖😍