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Hello friends! Been FOREVER since I've talked to any of you. I've been busy with keeping my grades up, but I'll graduate soon. Anyways, I've drawn my own OC, and I don't know if he looks okay. Here's a picture: P.S. I know he looks a lot like Corvo Attano from Dishonored, that was my intent. It's only a half mask, BTW.
He has black hair, purple eyes, and the powers of the Outsider (I like the lore of Dishonored, so I included him in his back story. Well, anyways, here's the story. Lucidius was born into a loving family. He had no other siblings, so his parents treated him with lots of care. Unfortunately, his parents started getting into fights, and often woke Lucidius up with yelling and the breaking of dishes. One night, he heard his mother's scream, and then silence. He crept down the stairs, and saw his mother lying in a pool of her own blood with a knife sticking out of her jugular vein. he saw his father standing over her corpse, muttering nonsense and giggling to himself. He realized what was going on. His father killed her, because they didn't get along. Lucidius ran to her body and started crying. His father looked at him and a sadistic grin appeared on his face. "Go back to bed, Luc. I'll come up in a minute." Lucidius didn't listen, and continued sobbing over his mother's body. His dad lost his patience and grabbed him. Lucidius pulled away and tried to punch his dad, but he was on the ground before he knew it. His Dad was strangling him, and he was losing consciousness fast. He saw that the knife had been knocked over in the struggle, and it was within his reach. He grabbed it and started stabbing his father in the neck. He kept doing it until he was sure that he was dead. Lucidius then went back to bed. The rest was a blur for him. Eviction notice... child services... orphanage. But, he ended up on the street. He was then approached by a strange man, who asked him, "Do you want to go somewhere safe?" He nodded sadly. "Alright," the man said, before cloaking hi Mandy the boy into darkness. For years, the Outsider raised the boy, keeping him current on events in the real world, and giving him self-educating books and such. When he deemed him ready, he gave him the mark of the Outsider and sent him back to the real world. Well, that was long. Thank for listening to my rambling, and good evening!