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My heart can't take it anymore. I know every EXO-L's out there are internally screaming their ass out (it's okay, I did it too). I would love you w/ all my heart EXo, but I love you w/ all my butt (it's bigger ).
Why y'alk gotta look so good. Even my mom is fangirling over you guys now. But, like seriously, y'all gonna make me fall in love all over again and raise my expectations more higher (if ya know what I mean). So, like , is Beakhyun's doggy hair being the trend setter? I mean, for goodness sake, just put the damn trailer out. My ass is already on fire.
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Wow can I just....jump off of a cliff? I'm so not prepared to be slayed by Exo for the 23,456th time
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@AbbyRamey let's jump off the cliff together πŸ˜‚
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kk lets do it πŸ˜‚
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@Vanro OMG you are hilarious and this card is perfect. My mom said by the end of this comeback I am going to be sitting in the corner hugging myself and rocking say "I am not ok " over and over. Lol she is an EXO-L too
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