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I've been wanting to do this for a while but kept waiting too long to do it :/
First thing I grabbed was this full metal alchemists bathroom rig and I was not disappointed at all, very nice quality, it now sits at my side of the bed.
Next thing I grabbed was this here shirt from Yo-kai, I never watched it and I guess it's about yo-yo's but it's a girls shirt so my whife gets a new shirt.
Then I got this cute little guy Idk what the anime is about but I added it to my list and have the stuffie to my bearded dragon.
Next was this here badass ssj goku pop and it went straight to my display shelf.
Then are these phone hanger things and Idk what they are or where they a from so back in the box.
Next was this very cool poster, love the way it looks but I don't have any room so back in the box. don't mind my feet.
Here's a list of what's in the box I really loved this one and got some really cool stuff, second picture is the reverse of the box, hope you enjoyed this card, let me know what you think.
I got this one too
I am
so any one up for some alchemy
it will eventually pop up again. they have a order past crates again
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