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Happy Thursday everyone! Typically in boy groups, there is one member that messes with everyone else. In Monsta X, that member is Kihyun. Whether it's a witty comeback or just plain old sarcasm, Kihyun is there to bring in the sass. Just take the intro image as an example...
Let's look at some examples...
Kihyun targets hyungs and dongsaengs alike. No one bullies Monsta X like Monsta X haha. Stop looking so smug Kihyun!
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Monsta X Team:
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The chicken at the beach I cried when I watched it😂 I love this side of Kihyunie tbh!! So cute adorable dorkie funny at the same moment ;-; my hearteu
He went up, higher then jooheon
He is my angel! I don't care how much of a little shit he is. XD It only makes me love him more. ❤❤❤❤
Exactly why he's my Monsta X bias 😂😍
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