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I have a Game for you. wanna play?

don't worry it's not too hard. I call it the "Stay with me" challenge.

Here are the rules:

1. Make a list of your Top 7 biases (They DO NOT have to be in order)
2. you will be given 15 Roles.
3. you get to choose which Bias on your list fits each role the most.
4. Please remember that you can Only use a Bias 3 times.
5. please explain why you chose that particular bias for the role.


1. The Protector.

2. The Shoulder to cry on.

3. The one who makes you laugh the most.

4. The Aegyo Master.

5. The Romantic Bias

6. The Best friend

7. The one who would embarrass you in public on Purpose.

8. The Prankster.

9. The Best Dressed Bias

10. The one you would trust with your deepest secret.

11. The one who takes care of you when you're sick.

12. The one who buys you anything you want.

13. The one who wants to get to know you better

(Moving Up the Bias list)

14. That you're Currently Dating.

(Who can't you stop thinking about right now?)

15. The one That will Never Let you go

(This bias will always have a huge part of your heart.)
okay, Let's Begin.
Here's My list. (my list is screwed up so this list is not In order.)
Rap Monster

My Protector Bias.

I choose Yongguk because I would feel so safe and secure around him.

The Shoulder to Cry on.

I choose Rapmon I see him as the guy who always wants to cheer people up and and wants them to be happy.

The One who makes me laugh the most.

even though all my biases have their own special ways of making me laugh. I'll choose Zico because that's how he made it on my bias list.

The Aegyo Master.

Look at how adorable he is. Need I explain why I chose him?

The Romantic

I see Yongguk as a really sweet and Romantic guy.

My best friend.

I would choose J-Hope as my best friend.

the one who would embarrass me in public on purpose.

yep. You guessed it. Knowing Zico, he would do something crazy in public just to embarrass me on purpose.

The Prankster.

Yep. That means I can't use Zico anymore for this challenge.

The best Dressed Bias.

I gonna go with TOP on this one. this Man has So Much Class. He always wears all these nice fancy suits. I MUST go with him on this one.

The one I would trust with my Deepest Secret.

I believe that I could Trust Ravi with a Secret.

The one who would take care of me if I was sick.

Yongguk is just so Caring and Sweet. I see him as the type that would take care of me until I got better.

The one who would buy me anything I want.

Top is the one who would probably Spoil me with gifts.

The one who wants to get to know me better.

yep. Rapmon is Kinda Moving up on my list. we've been getting to know each other a little better.

The one I'm Currently Dating.

this does not mean Namjoon my Ultimate bias, it means I haven't been able to get him off my mind Recently.

The One who will never let me Go

No Matter how many Biases or Ultimate biases I have or will have. Ravi Will always have a special Place inside my heart.

if you do this Challenge, Please Don't forget to tag me. I would love to see your list. :D

Tagging a couple Friends: @P1B2Bear @Sammie99522
Have a Great Night. :D
awe so cute! I'll try to do it later XD
Oh goodness this is going to be hard! But here I go lol 😅😅