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So I was tagged by the wonderful @taetaebaozi. So here goes my first kpop challenge.
My summer love would have to be Jang Yijeong. This boy wrecked more than just my bias list, he wrecked my life~
My outfit for our date. Something casual and comfy yet stylish. And the king and queen shirts I found to be quite fitting (can't go wrong with couples outfits/items)
We would then go to a cute and casual "outdoor" restaurant before going to one of our favorite artists concert where we would sing and dance the night away together.
And on our way home he would play some of our favorite songs ending with our song Zico's I Am You You Are Me.
I don't really know who to tag or have anyone to tag that already hasn't been tagged by others so this is an open invitation to anyone who would like to participate. :)
@taetaebaozi 😂😂 there really is no good height to be I guess lol
@xoxorittie haha omg your just like me haha i like wedges to and true same as being short
@taetaebaozi it's a blessing and a curse being tall 😂😂 I like wedges though not gonna lie lol
@xoxorittie tour lucky your tall i love wedges but yea they are a pin in the but and ok ill msg you my # and then ill text you in that way
@taetaebaozi haha I'm 5'6" so I don't really need heels but I do sometimes wear wedges and those also are torture to me and make my feet hurt but not as bad as heels. Nah I don't mind if we do haha not at all
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