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So I was sent these photos by a friend. The problem is she doesn't know who he is and wants my help.
So does anyone recognize him? It would really help a girl out lol. Not sure if he is a dancer, singer, rapper, model, or actor.....Help
that my friend is the most gorgeous human being ever he's a tattoo artist and his instagram is tattooist_kiji he is so perfect beyond words
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*jungkook voice* OH MAN HOLY SHIT *Taehyung Vocie* I NEED TO SHIT NOW
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he is just one gorgeous man!! i also follow him too in instagram 😍
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haha YAY I now know who he is. had a fear he was just some random Asian guy off the street. Thanks for letting me know @LocoForJiyong
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@LocoForJiyong and he just got a new follower on instagram
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