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TIME TO DANCE! 《 Nightmare Dance Practice 》


This time they released the dance practice to their newest single NIGHTMARE which leaves you with the best of feelings before bed so that those gross dreams will fly far away!

I'm so impressed every time.

They have some of the most IMPRESSIVE synchronization that I've seen from many groups and they're all so in tune with the song. I can't help but be impatient for their next version, which may just very well be their honey version. SPOILER: Those are always my favorites!
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I saw this as soon as it was posted last night. Like seriously, it's so adorable and cute. Especially with that little hop thing they do during the chorus 😂😂
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@EmilyPeacock YES Hyunkyung bites his lip and I'm like BOYYYYYYYY STOP.
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Oh no! There's another little buddy and another big buddy. I've been debating for over a week now about whether I show check Romeo out. Should I? I have so many groups I just checked out like Astro and KNK and Oh My Girl and all these rookie groups, is there such thing as having more than enough Kpop groups?
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@SerenaArthurs I have 60+ groups and rising! Haha! Never enough groups. And I personally think you should. They're so underrated and underloved and that needs to be changed.
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Ok I will and I will get Nightmare it's catchy
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