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my date and forever love would be Choi Seung Hyun
my gift as he picks me up
couldnt decide on which dress to wear. so depending on which one i wear he too could not pick.
lol yeah so started off with coffee. then off to the museum. where we both get goofy and have a blast.
and when the day ends we change for dinner. i dont know which dress to pick lol. same as the hubby. he can wear which ever he wants.
yes i picked Ikon for our song of the day. along with B.A.P with you too.
@kpopandkimchi well i may jave went a lil over board and planned a whole day instead of just a date. lol oh well there u have it. my summer love. enjoy u all. i may do one more lol. just for fun. we see.
@kpopINT cool thanks
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