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Hello hello! Shall we prepare for the revealing of the next petal? :D
Seungri: I'm dipping out, peace.
Fine, be like that :p
TOP: I'm waiting for my screen time....
D: Tabii, don't get mad!
Daesung: Maybe if I just... *wink* you know.
Oppa, wae u do dis to meh? e.e
GD: Take your time, I like where this is going.
That smirk e.e Oppa, I'm not liking your thoughts right now.
Taeyang: High hopes. Hwaiting!
Ughh, I'm feeling the pressure now! D:
Can I get a drum roll?! :D
#ilovethisgif XD
Because oppa just..... um..... yeah.... okay. I tap out.
Dae-Sung! :D
Daesung: Omo! Are you serious? I was only kidding!
Oppa don't back down on me now..... e.e You wrecker you.
TOP: Lemme just give Daesungie a good luck kiss....
No! D: Oppa stop! XD Don't kiss that wrecker! Tell him to stay in his lane throughout his petal! XD
Well my dear garden, let's hope I survive this petal too..... x3
Hope you're all excited! :D
Here's Daesung's first episode in cases you missed it when I dropped all the beginning episodes! :D
See you all on Monday!
Hwaiting! :D <3
Tagging~ my garden<3
If you do not see your name on here and wish to be tagged, let me know! :D
If you do see your name on here and wish to be removed, let me know.... :c
Yay, Dae, yay!! Can't wait to read his petal!
Awww Yayyyyy Daesungie 😍😍😍
Yay!!!! Daesung!!!! ^-^
Dae! Can't wait to spend time with this sweet man!
YES I can't wait for this.
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