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On one hand, passive-aggressive personalities are extremely irritating. But on the other, they're just as entertaining to watch - especially when it comes to the little notes they leave around their college dorms, shared apartments, and general work spaces.

Did the following notes actually SOLVE anything? No, probably not. But are they entertaining? Oh, absolutely.

You got it IN the sink. Might as well finish the job, right?

Which one of your co-workers is the Archer fan?

Can you choke on hummus? I mean, it's kind of smooth, isn't it?

Damn, someone got downright friend-zoned by aluminum.

Someone just pissed off the Air Conditioning Police.

Here's someone just dropping off some food for thought.

OOOOOH, SICK BURN. Although I don't even think lemonade stands use Comic Sans either!

This debate just got the whole office involved.

To be fair, I hate when people do this too.

When your office is 99% troll and the 1% left over is you.

So which one's your favorite? Have you seen any passive-aggressive notes floating around in your life lately?

Or maybe YOU'RE the person that writes these?

Let me know in the comments below!
Lol I love all of these. I now want to post a random note somewhere and see if people respond.
Hold the door! @YumiMiyazaki
@YumiMiyazaki Are you usually a note leaver?
@jULsJ LMAO Me too. Trolling makes the boring parts of life a little more fun and interesting.
HAHA lmfao i loved the friendzoned by aluminium, comic sans font and reindeer mug. gawd, i love silly trolls 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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