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“I saw you as I walked by, never could I have thought what you would mean to me. Two, three, four how many times did it take me to realize who you could be.” The music suddenly stopped in Nabi’s head phones and she removed one looking up to the people on the other side of the glass.
“You’re counting the numbers not saying them. I know it’s hard to remember to say them differently.” Jae was smiling at her as he was explaining her mess up.
“Right I’m sorry let’s do that part again.” She put her headphones back on and listened as the music cued her back in. “I saw you as you walked by, never could I have thought what you would mean to me. 2, 3, 4 how many times did it take me to realize who you could be.” She did not really feel what the lyrics were saying but she did her best to put all of her emotions into her singing. She had decided to write this time about something she wanted to feel. The guys jumped on the idea of a song about a girl who meets a boy and the boy ends up so in love with her but she did not realize till it was almost too late. It was nice to sing a song with a happy ending for once, most of her love songs seemed to end in heartbreak just like her previous relationships.
When she was finished singing her part she stepped out of the booth to let Jae have his turn singing his part. She was completely shocked by how convincing his emotions were as he sung. Of course he was good at this though a lot of idols sung songs about pretend love or fake heartbreaks. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back on the couch she was sitting on. Focused on the music she found her body slowly getting heavier as she fell asleep.
“You really can sleep anywhere can’t you?” Jae was now sitting beside her and she about jumped out of her skin.
“You could work on waking someone up better. Who’s turn is it? Young K?” Nabi gave him a confused look.
“Everyone already recorded their parts. All we have left is the harmony parts but someone wanted to take a nap.” He was doing something on his phone when he suddenly started giggling.
“We can always do them now. What’s so funny?” He held up his phone to her showing a picture of him taking a selfie with her asleep beside him, there was a sticker covering the lower half of her face, and the caption read “Work so hard you fall asleep. #Nabi #naptime #swegchicken.” She quickly snatched the phone from him.
“Delete this. How do I delete this? How dare you take this and post it on twitter?” She was looking through the menu when he took it away from her holding it above her head.
“It’s too late so many people have already seen it. It’s been like fifteen minutes since I posted it. I was just reading the comments.” He was laughing even after she hit his arm.