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I finally got to try the Baby Foot mask.

If you don't know what this is, you have to check the video out below.
This mask is suppose to help exfoliate your foot by drying out dead skins that makes it easier for your to peel it off by hand.

Here is a closer look of the package.

The front layer is like a one page brochure that explains how it works, mostly in Japanese.

What's inside the package?

The baby foot mask pack and a instruction sheet.

How to use it:

1. Clean your foot. I washed my foot but you can also use wet wipes to quickly clean it.
2. Slip on the foot mask and use tape to adjust the fit.
3. Put on socks to keep the wrap in place and easier for walking.
4. Wash it off after 30 mins. After rinsing, I sprayed non-alcohol rose toner on the foot to moisturize it. Now, I'm waiting for the peeling to happen. I'll update everyone once the peeling begins!
How'd it go?
I'm scared of all that peeling lol
ha! oh my goodness that's awesome. I may have to give this a try
@matty0203 The peeling is coming to an end. I'm gonna take a pic and compare the before and after. Although I didn't take pics of the peeling process. It's too gross and I would hate to scare y'all with the image. Will be making a card later today!
@MaighdlinS You should! I think it'll be a good experience.