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Tries Breathing..

....How?!! Okay so If you're an Exo-l like me, you're probably giving up on life slowly..Well I'm just sitting here and I get slammed with THIS! Its oki though, I am coping by just literally trying to make it all laughable (on the inside I am dying, somebody please help omg)
1. Oh Sehun He looks like he stayed up all night to study for a test and failed it anyways.. He looks exhausted;-;
2. D.O Exo: we're having a dark concept.. D.O: -Satansoo stare- Me: -slain- And is anyone else happy with D.O and earrings? Just me? K...heh
3. Xiumin That kid who spaces out and will kill you if you interrupt his daydreaming
4. Lay Cute as always...Prolly tripping..jk omg I'm sorry guys
5. Suho Me: OMG IS SUDADDY BACK?! -cries, looks at second picture- ....Never mind...Derp
6. cheN, Chen, CHENNNN! (dun, dun, dunnnn) Chen...Can you Idk stay in yo lane. Don't think just because you're making cute puppy eyes and looking adorable like gerbils will help you into my heart...Crap I have new bias wrecker don't I? CURSE YOU CHEN!
7. CHANNIEEEEEEEE<3 Okie so ppl have been saying this little muffin looks like Wendy...Yes from Wendy's..Well that just isn't true. You see me and Channie have this thing where he doesn't know I exist but he knows I have red hair so he just HAD to get red hair so we could sorta match cause its a cute nonexistent couple thing, ya know?
8. Baekhyun...Mer-hyun? Is it me or does he look stuck in a multicolored fishnet? WHAT IF HE'S A MERMAN NOW?! OMGGGG
9. Kai Krystal is so lucky..I'm screaming because blonde Jongin..omg why WHY?!
Okie guys sooooo its 2 AM and Exo apparently doesn't believe in my sleeping habits so.. meh>< @kpopandkimchi I will tag everyone later cause that tag list tho haha. Love chu my preciouses and GN!
Lol in the second pic of D.O Is it just me who thinks he looks like one of those stereotypical creepy guys on the street XD
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