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Hello Everyone! As you all can see, I have a new collection made! As you all know, a diary is a place where you can write basically anything, whether it'd be personal or general.
Now, in this Diary of mine, I will be adding personal emotions, feelings, rants, news, and much more about myself. Just a few things before we move on:

-Some things may not be for all audiences.

It will include very touchy subjects and trigger warnings. (I will make them known.)

-Please be Respectful.

Remember, these are my emotions, if you don't agree with them, don't bash on me.

-Taking something.

I will be writing poems, quotes, stories, etc. If you would like to use some of my works, ask me and make sure to give me credit.
There are times when people have great works, but they don't want to post them. They may be too shy, or they just don't want people knowing that it's them. In this collection, I will be borrowing works and placing them in this collection. The owners will have to send me what they have to say and I will give precise credit to whoever sent me their works. How to send them: Send me the message followed by your vingle name or if you don't want people to know it's you, then you can simply say 'anonymous.' Note: If they have any trigger warnings, please notify me. Because Copy & Paste might not work here, I will be giving out my Kakao Talk and my Line. Kakao: HeyyMichelle Line: Butterfly_Whalien
th Is a terrific idea for you, unseen people and me! (lol)
You mæ tag meh🙋
Please add me to the collection then. :)