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Damage inspection / Loss Prevention
AIM Control’s scope of damage surveys, inspections & investigations
- Damage fire survey, investigation & inspection
- Insurance & liability survey, investigation & inspection
- Liability and responsible survey, investigation & inspection
- Business liability survey, investigation & inspection
- Third party inspection survey, surveyors & investigation
- Professional indemnity survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage product survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage cargo survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage commodity survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage goods survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage equipment survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage Industry properties survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage Agriculture goods survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage Marine survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage shipping survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage shipment survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage transportation survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage accident survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damaged foods liability survey, surveyors & investigation
- Claim damaged survey, surveyors & investigation in logistics
- Import damage survey, surveyors & investigation
- Initial loss prevention risk assessment
- Claim handling &/or damage assessment
- Damage appraisal
- Damage identifying
- Damage supervision
- Damage inspection
- Damage investigation
- Damage survey
- Damage surveyors
- Damage inspectors
- Extent of loss &/or damage control
- Damage repairs process monitoring, supervising (to be carried out)
- Damage salvage
- Damage salvage tender/ bid
- Damage Prevention and minimizing loss advices and consultant
- Damage marine cargo ship survey, surveyors & investigation
- Marine accident survey, surveyors & investigation
- Marine ship accident survey, surveyors & investigation
- Accident survey, surveyors & investigation
- Cargo damage survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage experts
- Damage independent surveyors
- Damage independent inspectors
- Damage independent investigators
- Damage independent experts
- Damage cargo and container survey, surveyors & investigation
- Damage container survey, surveyors & investigation
- Outturn survey
- Damage collision survey
- Damage cargo sampling
- Damage cargo analysis
- Damage equipment testing
- Investigation and finding causes and root of damage/ loss
- Damage witness
Dr Capt Nguyen Te Nhan / G.D
Agriculture - Industry - Marine Survey & Inspection Group
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AIM Control Inspections and Surveys Services Companies in Vietnam & Global
AIM Control is Third Party Inspection in providing commodity inspection services, marine survey and consultant, tally, P&I Correspondents, insured cargo and marine claim investigation & adjusting, diving works and underwater hull cleaning and inwater diving photos survey and camera inspection, vendor expediting and mechanical inspection services, testing, quality control, certification, independent surveyors and inspectors based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries. Our Local Email:,, cell: +84903615612.
Inspection – Survey - Expediting Services
Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide is an independent inspection & survey group acting globally and providing a complete range of inspection, survey, quality goods control, expediting, mechanical engineers, inspectors, expediters, inspectors, marine surveyors, and consulting, tally services to trade and Agriculture, Industry & Marine as well as governmental buying organizations, contractors, ship-owners, . . .
AIM is Agriculture – Industry – Marine Survey & Inspection Group, which one of the world’s leading trade inspection, survey, trade security and certification companies, operating based on Vietnam, China, Korea, India & in close to 100 countries.
Our experts, surveyors, inspectors & divers have always improved their knowledge and experience more than 20 years for meeting to of the clients with the best quality services.
1. Marine survey / Ship Inspection and P&I Correspondents, Experts/ Expertise.
2. Cargo Inspection – Quality Control – Testing – Tallying & Supervision – certification and Damage Survey & Loss Investigation (for Goods – Products, Foods, Cargo, Commodity)
3. Fabrication Expediting –Vendor Welding Inspection – Electrical & Mechanical Inspectors - NDT
4. Diving works and Underwater Ship Hull and Parts Cleaning & Polishing.
Ø Inspection, Survey, Inspectors, Surveyors, Experts, Consultant Services
Ø Loading Master, Port Capt. Investigator, Adjuster, Auditor Services
Ø Marine Survey, Supervision, Superintendent
Ø Ship Condition Surveys, PPI, On-hire (off) surveys, Bunker survey, Draft survey
Ø Underwater Hull Cleaning & Diving / Divers Works
Ø Ship & Vessel Accident and Incident Witness, Survey, Marine Experts
Ø Salvage & Approval
Ø Disputes between charterers and ship owners
Ø Disputes between Buyer and seller
Ø Disputes between Insured and Insurer
Ø Loss Adjusters & Investigator Services
Ø Cargo Survey / Cargo Inspection
Ø Break and bulk goods surveys / IMDG inspection and Certificate Approval
Ø Damage Control and Experts in insurance fraud
Ø P&I Correspondent & Insurance Dispute and Claim Control / Loss Prevention
Ø Marine and Cargo Recovery and Dispute Claim Services
Ø Property & casualty insurance claims survey / investigation
Ø Quality Goods Control Services
Ø Laboratory Sampling & Testing Services
Ø Engineering Control & Inspection Services
Ø Third Party Inspection & Verification Services
Ø Industry Expediting, Expediters
Ø Heavy-lift project Management & Lashing and Securing Control at sea & ports
Ø Engineering Consultant
Ø Appraisal & Valuation Services
Ø Audit, Witness & Certification Services
Ø Quality Assurance
Ø Vendor inspection – Expertise Witness Services
Ø Agriculture & Foods Control and Inspections and Consumer Goods Control Inspection Services
Ø IM-Export Commodity Inspection & Certificate Services
Ø Pre-loading survey, Shipping Cargo Tallying, Verification & Cargo Survey Supervision Services
Ø Quality & Quantity Certification services
Ø Product inspection and certification
Ø Foods & meal quality control and inspection
Ø Certification services
Scope of Inspection – Survey – expediting description in details is consisting of (but not limited):
Dr Capt Nguyen Te Nhan / G.D
Agriculture - Industry - Marine Survey & Inspection Group
Tel : +84-8-3832-7204
Fax : +84-8-3832-8393
Cell. : +84903615612
E-mail: aimcontrol(at)aimcontrolgroup(dot)com
MSN : aimcontrol(at)hotmail(dot).com
Skype: aimcontrol