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Dailymail just reported a rare Hermès tote bag is sold at auction for $300,000 by a Hong Kong buyer breaking the record of most expensive handbag in history. You can pay for a full tuition and a couple of cars with this much money or even purchase a home!
Why is this so rare? The Himalayan Nilo Crocodile Birken is made with 245 diamonds and is crated with super pale crocodile skin. Only a limited amount is made each year.
Another interesting fact is PETA protestors has been petitioning to get these bag banned for the inhumane practice of harvesting the skin of the crocodiles.
If it's true. Poor crocodile. :(

Do you think this bag is worth $300,000?

@axosrain I'm not sure if using animal skin for clothes is a selfish practice. From what I learned in textile history animal skins were used as cover-up for cold weathers. Of course, mass production is a different story but it's inevitable in a capitalist country.
I admit, I wouldn't buy this particular bag, but I'm not against animal skins being used to make product. while I feel the stock animals should be treated humanely during their lives, it is what they are raised for. like the cute white faced hereford that will one day be served with a side of potatoes. my friends dad used to raise chinchillas for their fur, too. I guess what I'm saying is I'm down with the aspca, but Peta goes a bit far for me.
it's just too much! and to go thru all the unnecessary processes just to make a bag
@Scheherashared I really didn't think of those process. It's interesting but at the same time I wonder how they got the license to use the crocodile skin and whether it was removed alive or dead. 300,000 is just to much for a bag. The profit distribution is probably unfair too considering we're living in a pyramid structure.
licencing, protocol, registration, and any other law-stuff they have to go thru to aquire such croc, and people to pay to handle adds to the amount... but Idk, it's too much for me even if I'm a billionaire. it may not be for someone with a croc skin fetish or something similar.
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