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Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts on this card. I notice a lot of users here have short hair or considering getting a short hair for summer. I compiled a list of things to think about for getting short hair for the first time and maintaining the cut.

The Cut

1. First of all you want to make sure the length is workable for you. Short hair is a lot of fun but going too short for the first time might not be a good choice. If you end up regretting the haircut it will be faster to grow it out if the length is not that short.
2. Get advice from your stylist. They know what's trending. Even if you have pictures and ideas ready, it doesn't hurt to run it through them. A lot of times, the hairstyle you see in the magazine need higher maintenance. You want to know what you're getting yourself into before committing.
3. Avoid going too dramatic. I'm talking about the extreme A-line. I remember getting that haircut and it was a struggle growing my hair out. I had to wait for the a-line to grow out a bit, get another hair cut to straighten the line. So, my hair stayed short for a while.

Maintaining the Hair

1. keep the style fresh by adding texture. There is a period of time when you will get bored of your short hair. When this happen, you can use styling irons and styling options to give your hair more texture.
2. If you're planning to keep your length, you can visit your hairstylist for a regular trim. It shouldn't be expensive for getting touch ups! Although, each salon varies. Ask your hairstylist for more info!
So, this is my list for getting and maintaining short hair. Feel free to message me or comment below if you have any questions.
I think the only element your missing is not only look at what's trending and maintenance but also talk to your stylist about fitting your face and body type. Some styles need to be modified to fit a person's face and some stylist aren't always good at making those adjustments with previous discussion (I've made that mistake before)
@AnnaWall You are definitely right Thanks for your insight!