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Human Form is a 12 minute horror film:

"Feeling isolated in a world where everyone wears the same surgically-altered appearance, a young girl takes extreme measures to change her own."
We first see a young girl drawing pictures of odd looking people...then we immediately flash forward to her in high school.

She takes us to a clinic where she seems to be asking for surgery.

We then see that her whole family has had surgery and that she is the only one that looks 'natural.'

How is she supposed to feel, being surrounded by people who look nothing like her all the time?
When her family refuses to pay for her surgery, she goes out for a walk where we see that everyone else on the street also looks like that including her best friend who recently got surgery.

She then finds a poster looking for research participants for an experimental plastic surgery procedure.

After the procedure, this is her family's reaction. We never actually see the final result.

This definitely shines a light on the outside pressures Korean youth face daily when it comes to plastic surgery. If you see everyone around you that you love and trust changing their faces (even when they look exactly like you) wouldn't you feel pressured to too?
Not only in daily life, but imagine idols who are surrounded 100% of their day by people who have had their faces altered. The pressure must be insane!

Let me know what you think!

Poor girl 😢 because she couldn't wake up I thought she died.... OH SORRY SPOILER ALERT! She doesn't die 🤗 don't worry I didn't spoil it *whispers* nailed it.
Their faces are so sharp and severe looking, so creepy. okay done with that reaction. I can't believe how society makes you feel like an outsider when you are different, the symbol is the face but in reality its everything about a person. its like copying each other and being one in the same. I hate that feeling of being seen as an outsider and different but idk if I would give up my individualism to fit it. It calls for a high price to pay. ( physically, mentally and financially)
This reminds me of V for vendetta
Damn! I should have waited till the morning to see this! 😱😱 now I'm gonna have nightmares!
im scared Ill watch it tomorrow when the sun is out lol
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