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What is Missing From These Sequences?

Here are 3 questions to test your basic Korean vocab!

Fill in the blank!

1. 일, 이, ___, 사, 오,

2. 여름, ___, 가을, 겨울

3. 월요일, 화요일, ___, 목요일

If you listen really fast, you get a clue for #3 at 1:36!

Leave your answers in the comments!

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삼, 봄, 수요일 i think lol
a year ago·Reply
삼, 봄, 수요일. (Three, Spring, Wednesday)
a year ago·Reply
삼, 봄, I don't know the days of the week .... that is horrible😂
a year ago·Reply
i know 삼 and 봄 but I don't know the days either 😭😭 @sugakookie
a year ago·Reply
삼 is all I can tell you unfortunately
a year ago·Reply