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HAPPY JUNE 1st or 2nd right now. Let's make the best of Summer :).

“So?” Jimin asked, already frustrated that the situation is more complicated than it should be. “You like her right?”
Jungkook let out a long sigh to calm his nerves. “Yes hyung. How many times do I have to say I like her?”
“Okay then! What’s the issue here?” he yelled. “Just confess already! It’s been months of back and forth.”
“How are you sure she likes me? She doesn’t even talk…”
“For that very same reason. She’s extremely quiet when you’re around and just looks down at the floor the whole time. I’ve known her for years Kookie. She’s quiet, but not that quiet.”
Jungkook sighed, adjusting his beanie.
“Well, just think about it okay? I don’t want you giving up any opportunities. You’ll regret it later.” Jimin walked out the vending machine room and left Jungkook to gather his thoughts.
There’s no way she likes me, he thought. She doesn’t speak one word to me. Suddenly he heard a familiar song blast through earphones in the hallway. He turned to look at the doorway but just saw the back of the body walk past the door. Rolling his eyes, he turned to sit down on the couch in the room. As soon as he got comfortable, he heard the music get closer.
“Hyung!” he yelled, standing up and walking towards the door. “If you’re going to play music, at least play someone good like G-Drag—,” he turned to look into the hallway and realized just who he was talking to.
“Ah, I’m sorry,” he apologized as his face began to flush.
“No it’s okay,” you muttered. “Sorry, I’ll turn it down.”
“No!” he almost yelled out of nervousness, “It’s okay, really. I just thought you were Jimin so…I…yeah.”
You smiled at him and looked down, not really knowing what to say.
“So who were you listening to? It sounded familiar,” he asked, trying his best to pull some words out of you.
“Uh, Kanye West.”
“Ohh…what song?”
“It’s kind of an old song…Stronger,” you said simply. He nodded and looked away, kind of disappointed at the lack of conversation between you two.
“Oh..okay well I should probably g—“
You cut him off, having a sudden urge of confidence. “Do you like Kanye West?”
He looked up and smiled, “I…yeah! I love his music. All the members really like him.”
“Yeah I realized that,” you replied, earning a chuckle out of him. “What’s your favorite song?” you asked.
Before he could answer, two men walking through the narrow hall carrying a table began to walk towards you two. Unconsciously, Jungkook held your hand and gently pulled you into the break room as he began to talk. “It’s kind of an old song too. It’s featuring Adam Levine?”
“Ah! Heard Em’ Say?” You replied enthusiastically. “Yeah, I know that one. I love it.”
Without realizing, you two eventually made your way to the couch and were sitting inches away from each other. One scoot over and he would be touching the side of your leg.
“Ah, you should listen to this!” Jungkook exclaimed, handing over one of his earbuds and scooting closer, touching now. You both kind of tensed up but once the music played everything was relaxed. About fifteen minutes went by of music sharing.
“So you’re telling me that he is better than Kanye West?” He asked, completely enticed in the argument.
“Yeah! That’s exactly what I’m saying,” you replied, giggling at the face he was making at you.
“Ahhh,” he let out a disappointed sigh, “How did I fall for someone that thinks like that?” he mumbled out loud, realizing too late what he actually said.
“Oh…I…uh…” he began stuttering, trying to find ways to backtrack everything he just said.
You laughed and smiled at him. With the sudden reassurance that you both felt the same way about each other, you replied quickly. “And how did I fall for someone like that too.”
He looked up and his eyes widened as everything began to click. He let out a long breath and put his hands behind his head.
“And the hyungs were over here telling me you didn’t like me.” You laughed as he suddenly got cocky.
“Yah!” Jimin yelled at the doorway.
You both jumped. “How long were you there?” Jungkook asked as you both blushed.
“Long enough!” Taehyung said, popping his head out from behind Jimin. “Yah, I told you she liked you millions of times too! You were the one that thought she didn’t like you. Y/N-ah, he’s been thinking about ways to confess for months on end.”
“HYUNG,” Jungkook yelled, embarrassed.
“Yeah and who accidentally confesses? You really haven’t experienced love before have you kid?” Jimin continued as you laughed out loud.
Jungkook blushed and looked at you, nudging you, “Stopp.”
“Ok ok,” you replied, smiling big as he reached over to hold your hand.
“And our work here is done,” Taehyung said, giving Jimin a high five.


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