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One of my BFFs just broke up with a guy she'd been dating for some time, so needless to say, we've spent the entire week eating junk food, shit-talking the guys in our past, and listening to Jojo's "Marvin's Room" over and over again - together. (Because that's what friends do, of course.)

What's helped you get through a break-up? Is it on this list?

Personally, I tend to throw myself into work when I'm feeling down after the end of a relationship. Something about starting new projects and having that renewed sense of accomplishment really gives me that boost of confidence and self-love that I need!
The only things that can are time, a lot of love, patience and tenderness.
@danidee i just have one of those sad music video walks where they go from place to place thinking about life then finally im happy
I become very productive. I exercise. And, block him from social media. I'll go out most often, with friends like hiking or going to eat. I'll just pretend he doesn't even exist. even, though there were times I was tempted to text him...but my pride, is something I need to keep.
Only broke up once in 6th grade. Traumatised me. Haven't been the same since.
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