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Time for BTS to refresh your vocabulary!

선물 - Gift/present :)


At 1:31 listen to V!

선물이야 선물이야

(seon-mool-i-ya seon-mool-i-ya)

They're gifts, they're gifts!

You can also say 생일선물 (saeng-il seon-mool) to mean "birthday present!"

What's the last 선물 you've given or received?

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necklace and guess bag for my birthday
2 years ago·Reply
It was so long ago, i don't even remember. Ever since i started working, i have been buying my own stuff by myself.
2 years ago·Reply
My birthday was yesterday, so I got a bit of stuff along with my first Korean snacks. 😊
2 years ago·Reply
Like a really long time ago. #longforgotten
2 years ago·Reply
Chapstick o.o
a year ago·Reply