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Pizza Comics That REALLY Speak To Our Stomachs!

It's been estimated that Americans eat 3 billion pizzas a year.

And thanks to technological advances that have made it much easier to order pizza whenever we want (thanks, Dominos' delivery app), that number is only going to grow.
I've decided to dedicate a card to our proud nation's favorite food. Check out the webcomics below, get a chuckle, and get a little hungry for mozzarella while you're at it.

That awkward moment when pizza's got you all distracted.

Friends don't let friends put pineapple on their pizza.

When you're lactose intolerant and even a toilet all-nighter won't get between you and a slice.

Someone should've warned her what happens when Mario eats mushrooms!

Cat parents, take note. This webcomic is brilliant.

Nothing is better than those XXL pizzas at your local mom-and-pop parlor.

And you can TOTALLY diet by eating pizza. It's all about portion control.

"Me? I'll just have one slice," said no one eating pizza ever.

People eating pizza (or, even worse, attending pizza PARTIES) without you is the ultimate betrayal.

Why you so saucy though? Mmm. Pizza sauce.

So what's your favorite pizza? Are there any topping dealbreakers? Which of these comics spoke to you the most?

Let me know in the comments below!
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@animerg13 Wow you must eat really healthy.
a year ago·Reply
@danidee not exactly, but I do have some healthy eating habits...
a year ago·Reply
@animerg13 At least you're a little healthy lol.
a year ago·Reply
sausage or garlic
a year ago·Reply
@jazminramirez9 YUM. I love lots of garlic on my pizza.
a year ago·Reply