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Lately, reports as such have slowly but surely started permeating tabloids & social media outlets. I'm not against make-up as it does enhance beauty, but I feel like a line should be drawn somewhere. I don't know where but I'm sure you'll have your opinion on this. Do share!!
He sounds like he needs to grow up tbh. I'd like to think it's pretty obvious when someone's wearing makeup. He should know that she doesn't have mascara and eyeshadow permanently attached to her face.
@kayfbeatz First of all, it's satire. Secondly, A Girl in such a situation would be insecure, not shallow. Insecure because of just such shallowness in the world.
my opinion, both have learned the lessons. guy: don't just looking for girl from their appearance, it will not last longer. if you love her from inside, maybe this incident will not happen. girl: don't wear heavy makeup in your 1st date unless you just want to have friendzone. lol try to be minimalist so the guys will focus on what your talking not your makeup.
@danidee 1) For dudes, it's not always obvious. 2) In some cultures, you're not allowed to be with a prospective partner in private until y'all get married. So, this level of deceit is possible.
reminds me of that asian guy suing his wife cause of ugly babies and he won
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