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I'm the kind of person that likes to keep tabs on everybody I care, or cared, about via social media.

Luckily, all my relationships have ended on a good note so there are no hard feelings when checking on what my past boyfriends are up to.

These people, though, had some stronger feelings when it came to seeing what their former partners were doing now that they've been separated.

//side note, a guy i went to high school with is in the weird//

Would you ever creep on ex-partners or friends you've grown apart from?

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I dont do that i guess... I just move on... But if the friend is too close to lose definitely m going to keep all tabs on her.... For example my best friend moved places.... Now the distance is much and sometimes i feel like we cant be together anymore like we were... But still she would be one of my best friends....! They are especially rare... The ones whom you care you never forget... But there are many other friends who were also great part of your life but you moved on instead of hanging onto them... Which i think is not even possible since the distance really matters..!
Stalkers are bad but how would I know I'm so I ugly how could I have a stalker 馃槀
i do it when im getting to know someobe but when we're over i dont do that
I only to it If I'm meeting someone new and I'll look them up before meeting them.