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*Potential spoilers through episode 9 of Mayoiga!*
Back when I first started watching this show, I thought Speedstar was the best. Not only did he have a cool name, but he also was the sensible one of the bunch in most cases.
Then he started acting like a jealous boyfriend and I got kind of ??? because I couldn't figured out why he was acting so horribly to Mitsumune, even if it was to protect him. Even when you want to protect your friends, there's a right way and a wrong way to do it.
Then of course we find out that he isn't trying to protect his friend for his friend's sake at all: he's controlling Mitsumune so he can feel worthy and powerful.

I feel bad for him, but I don't like him.

Sure, he is still sensible and makes solid points and has his reasons, but he also had a chance here to change their relationship & keep his friendship with Mitsumune, rather than just being a total jerk.
He clearly needs Mitsumune more than Mitsumune needs him (did you notice how small Mitsumune's penguin became...?).
never seen this. what's the name???
Never really did! seemed like a spoiled brat from the start now I just want to hit him!
@hikaymm thank you
@assasingod same fam
@Haidurr I love her sweater! I want one like it !
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